Committee Member

Peshawa O. Mahmud

The Chief media officer of Kurdistan Contractors Union / Sulaimany Branch

Mob: 07701526314

Email: [email protected]


To whom may concern

I am Peshawa Omar, the CEO GARDEN group companies,and head of public relations in Kurdistan contractors union, wok in the construction, furniture sector and general trading. GARDEN group companies, executed successfully many construction projects for Kurdistan regional government. I graduated from Sulaimani University from political science department. I have been involved in entrepreneurship since 2003. At first I worked in construction and I have done many projects in Sulaimani, for about 23 million dollars including sewage system, water pipeline, kinder garden and schools and road pavement and marking. Also we do general trading; we are a big importer of sugar in Iraq.
I am a member in the following organizations:
1. head of public relations in Kurdistan contractors union.
2. Kurdistan contractors union/first class
3. Sulaimani chamber of trade./first class
4. Exporters/importers union of Iraq/golden membership
5. Ministry of planning of( KRG)- first classification
As a young businessman I could have a big contribution to help people to have small business. Also Iraqi Kurdistan as a place where investment process in its beginning, so we need to have relations with the foreign investors including France. I strongly believe to have a success business incentives are needed. It is also an honor for our company that has never fined for delaying any projects.

Iraqi Kurdistan –Sulaimani -Chwarbakh trading building -Department: 53
Email: [email protected]
Bank No.: 21676

Language skill: Kurdish-Arabic-Persian: Excellent / English: Good

1. MUHAMAD TAHER : Kurdistan contractors Union – Chairman
2. Dana Abdul Karim: head of Sulaimani construction projects:
3. Abid Hawramy: Bussinessman: CEO of Diwan Gr